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A Good IT Team

IT Profession is either a Potato or Onion. The potatoes are easy to cook and readily mix with other vegetables. There is no limit about what one can do with a potato.

The onions on the other hand are harder to manage. They have a strong flavour of their own and when cut, can make one cry.

A good IT Team is one where there is a proper mix of onions and potatoes.

More the number of onions, the harder it is to manage the team, as onions always revolt and want to rise quickly.

Higher number of potatoes on the other hand, drastically bring down the quality of deliverables. The fact that these vegetables tend to transmogrify from one to another, time to time, makes the task of managing the team very challenging. There is constant correction required.

It is also very important to remember that these vegetables have a shelf life. A potato when spoilt just die its own death while onion start stinking.

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