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Important Ways to Build A Better Relationship

I like to take a positive approach, and talk about ways to strengthen and heal relationships. But, first, an ounce of prevention….

If you want a happy relationship, forgo blame and criticism. Instead, praise what you like, and you’ll get more of it. Criticize and your partner will shut down. Hasn’t blame and criticism aimed in your direction had the same effect?

Don’t deny responsibility for your actions. Instead, increase your personal power and take responsibility for your own choices – that’s all you have control over.

Don’t boss others around. Any joy the other person might have had in doing something for you is instantly lost when they’re told to do it.

Don’t threaten your partner. When others think they may be punished or have something taken away as a result of not doing things your way, this sets the platform for lying, cheating, conniving, manipulation, crime and other horrific things.

Hopefully, you’ll forgo these four “relationship busters” and find ways to feel good about yourself (and in control) while also spreading good feelings around.


Listen to them, especially if they are upset. Make eye contact. Turn off the TV.

Focus on the positives like when you first met them. Compliment them and don’t take them for granted.

If something isn’t working out, don’t blame your partner, decide what YOU can do to make the situation better.

Spend more time with them. Show they are important to you.

Touch more often. Sleep in the same bed (if your partner doesn’t snore).

Think before you act. Choose to respond positively. Don’t make the other person wrong just so that you can be right.

Don’t expect your partner to take care of all of your needs. Devote some time and energy to meeting some of their needs. But ask for what you need — don’t expect anyone to mind read. Realize that just like a kid at Christmas, you may not get all that you want.

Remember that good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, commitment and courage to grow and develop. Perfection is NOT the goal, not from you, not from your mate.

Work on your own inner peace and balance, opening your heart chakra to love and compassion. To help with this, try chakra meditation.

In summary, love harder, kiss longer, hug tighter, speak kindly, forgive presently, accept unconditionally, trust fearlessly, smile frequently and give of yourself completely.

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